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Let your most loyal fans support your creative community via monthly memberships while building awesome educational classes.

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gaming creators

On GamerzClass, you can let your fans become active members in your community by offering them a monthly membership. You can give them access to exclusive classes, create polls, communities, live sessions and insights into your every day.

Develop a recurring income stream

GamerzClass powerful membership technology allows you to get rid of unreliable ad revenue and per-stream payouts. Get recurring income through monthly payments from all your supportive members.

Donavan “Tekkz” Hunt

Pro FIFA Player @ Fnatic

The reliable income has made it possible for me to give more back to the community and help give back to the FIFA community. Everything is taking take of and I just have to focus on doing content and help my community.

Topias Miikka “Topson” Taavitsainen

Retired Pro Player @ OG Esports

GamerzClass allows me to focus on creating content and run my community by creating a seamlessly experience for me as a content creator.

Monitor your members seamlessly

GamerzClass allows gaming creators to run their community seamlessly by providing a all-in-one solution to monitor and grow communities through content, polls and livestage performances.

Better than YouTube

Creators on GamerzClass makes higher profits than on YouTube

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to get started

GamerzClass is an all-in-one solution for gaming creators

Monitor Memberships

GamerzClass Creator Studio allows you to get access to insights about your audiences and get to know what content they like to engage with as well as who your super users are. 

Personalised Notifications

If you want to send our personalised notifications for your members you can easily reach them through web, IOS and Android push notifications. 

Create Classes/Courses

Easily upload your content and securely share your videos with members either online on the application or directly into your Discord community. 

Hosting Livestage Sessions

Host exclusive livestage sessions for your paying members and monitor which of your members are joining, asking questions and participating. 

Grow Your Audience

We intelligent match our existing userbase of +500.000 gamers with your content and find likeminded audiences that can join your membership. 

Exclusive Discord Community

Through GamerzClass you can easily create your own Discord community with direct integration into the application and send out news about your community. 

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